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Hi friend! You came here just to read this?! I just want you to know right off the bat how much my heart and soul goes into photography, and the people I’m photographing. I’ve been taking photos since I was like 7, but I started my business and started photographing professionally in 2018. In September of 2022 I left my full-time job to pursue my photography business, I loved that job, I loved majority of the work (not all of it, cause let’s be real) and the people I worked with, but I had this feeling that if I didn’t jump now to try and pursue my dreams that I would someday really regret it. 


and I photograph weddings and elopements in nevada, oregon, utah and beyond

Photographing people and love stories just does something to me, I love it so much, I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I’ll be crying when you say your vows, and then crying again when editing the photos. Thankfully I have the best support system, husband, friends, family, and people whose stories I’ve been able to capture so far. So I jumped, I’m here now doing the damn thing. When I’m not documenting love stories I’m editing photos, just kidding, but seriously, I’m also a full time photo editor. I love to travel (sitting by the ocean or on the top of a mountain and taking deep breaths is theeeee best), but I also can get down with walking blocks and blocks of the city and taking in everything that it has to offer. I love baking and finding new things to put sourdough in, reading for fun, snuggling my  my husband and cats, trying different kinds of craft beers, hitting up food trucks, and planning my next tattoo.  

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fun facts


I love Outlander…the tv show and books, I have a dragonfly in amber tattoo on my arm.


I love True Crime, I worked for the District Attorney’s office and going through real life evidence was wild.


If you say something that sounds like lyrics from a song, it’s gonna be on repeat in my head for forever.


I love leopard print and vans shoes.


 I love dry wine, like the dryer the better.


let's do the damn thing



tears of joy are my absolute favorite compliment.

Investing in a photographer can be scary, but I want you to know I 100000000% will do my absolute best to preserve your memories in a way that when you look back at them you feel like you’re there all over again. If you’re ready to get working together and invest in me and your memories, slide in my DMs!

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